Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart Hashtag Campaign

Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart Hashtag Campaign

Campaign summary

Located in Amu Plaza Miyazaki
Find XNUMX hidden hearts!

Amu Plaza Miyazaki in all
Did you know that there are as many as nine hidden hearts?
You are very lucky to find it!
If you find that hidden heart
Of "#Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart"
If you post with a hashtag during the Golden Week period

By lottery, 20 people will receive a recommended fruit set of Super Matsu on the 1st floor of Yamakan!
By lottery, 20 people will receive a recommended fruit set of Super Matsu on the 1st floor of Yamakan!

If you find a hidden heart
"#Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart"of
With a hashtag
Post on Instagram!

About heart discovery / posting / lottery
About heart discovery / posting / lottery
Application guidelines
Please read all the application guidelines below in advance.
Please apply for the campaign after agreeing.

[Instagram application rules]

Application rules

If you apply with the hashtag "#Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart", you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.If you do not agree, please cancel the application.

About application ______________

  • ・ Please attach the hashtag "#Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart" to the photos and videos you have taken (hereinafter referred to as "posted images").
  • ・ If a person appears in the posted image, be sure to obtain a license for the posted image from that person before posting.
  • ・ If the posted image contains the intellectual property rights of a third party, be sure to obtain a license for the posted image from the right holder before posting.
  • ・ Those under the age of 20 must obtain the consent of their parents before applying.
  • ・ If there is any infringement of the rights of a third party such as portrait rights in the posted image, the Company shall not be liable at all, and the applicant shall be liable for it.
  • ・ Regardless of whether or not the posted image was won, the website of JR Miyazaki City Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, our company), SNS pages such as Instagram and Facebook (hereinafter, website, etc.), information leaflets, public relations of corporate PR , May be used as a notification medium.
  • ・ The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the Company, and the applicant agrees not to claim the moral rights of the author of the submitted work.
  • ・ The submitted work can be freely used by the Company free of charge in promotional materials, promotional materials, public relations, etc. sponsored by the Company.In addition, we shall be able to modify or modify a part of the submitted work.
  • ・ If you do not attach the hashtag "#Amu Plaza Miyazaki Heart" when you apply, you will not be eligible for selection.
  • ・ Please note that if your account or post is deleted for some reason during the campaign period, you will not be eligible for selection.
  • ・ You may not be able to apply due to the model and usage status of your smartphone, communication environment, etc.
  • ・ For inquiries regarding smartphone settings, etc., please contact the mobile phone manufacturer or manufacturer.
  • ・ When using Instagram, please comply with the terms and conditions set by Instagram in addition to these Terms of Use.
  • ・ For inquiries about how to operate Instagram when applying, please refer to How to use Instagram or contact Instagram.
  • ・ Applications by our employees and related parties are not eligible.
  • ・ Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or transfer of rights.
  • ・ We are not responsible for any damages to applicants, etc. without complying with these Terms of Use and related terms.

About prohibited matters ______________

The following acts are prohibited when applying for this campaign.If we determine that the applicant has performed any of the following, we may take measures such as not posting the posted data on the website or deleting it after posting.

  • ・ Acts that interfere with the operation of this campaign
  • ・ Acts that are offensive to public order and morals
  • ・ Providing information, advertising or soliciting for the purpose of profit
  • ・ Acts that may conflict with the rights of specific individuals or companies
  • ・ Acts that slander individuals, companies, groups, etc., or invade privacy
  • ・ Acts that conflict with the copyrights and portrait rights of others
  • ・ Inappropriate acts including obscene expressions
  • ・ Posts and other acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations
  • ・ Acts that violate or may violate Instagram's Terms of Service
  • ・ Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Disclaimer ______________

We pay close attention to the completeness, accuracy, safety, usefulness, etc. of the information provided in this campaign, but we do not guarantee all of them.
In addition, we are not responsible for postings by applicants and troubles related to them, including the contents of this campaign.
This campaign may be changed or canceled without prior notice.In addition, if it is deemed necessary, the contents of this agreement may be changed.The revised Terms shall become effective when the Company announces them.

Handling of personal information ______________

The personal information received at the time of winning will be used by us to send prizes to the winners, to contact us regarding this matter, and to be used as a reference for our products and services in the form of statistical information that does not identify individuals. We may use it at.

We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party other than the contractor without your consent (if disclosure is required by law, etc., an appropriate confidentiality agreement will be used to carry out the purpose of use. Except when it is necessary to disclose to the partner companies (business contractors, etc.) of JR Miyazaki City Co., Ltd.

For details on the handling of personal information, please refer to our website.Privacy PolicyYou can check on

If you apply for this campaign, we willPrivacy PolicyIt is considered that you have agreed to.

Other notes ______________

  • ・ This campaign is not supported, approved, operated or involved by Instagram.
  • ・ Applicants are responsible for the internet connection fee and communication fee for applying for this campaign.