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BEAMS GOLF and limited edition products are available to match golf paradise!

[Period] 2021/10/1 (Friday) -2022/1/31 (Monday)

Limited events and limited products will appear at Amu Plaza Miyazaki in line with the "Miyazaki Golf Paradise" campaign this season when golfers from all over the country gather in Miyazaki!
Please take this opportunity to visit Amu Plaza Miyazaki.

■ BEAMS Golf Pop-up Store 
[Date] November 11th (Thursday) -November 11th (Sunday) [Place] Held at BEAMS store on the 11st floor of Umikan
A pop-up shop of <BEAMS GOLF>, which proposes a golf style unique to BEAMS that combines fashion and functionality, will open for a limited time in Miyazaki in November, where top golf professionals gather.We have a lineup of accessories and accessories that make playing fun with a playful design, including men's golf wear, women's coordinated exhibitions.Please look forward to it.

■ Briefing Amu Plaza Miyazaki store XNUMXst anniversary limited product
 [Date] Scheduled to start selling on November 11th, accepting reservations [Place] Briefing on the 19st floor of Umikan
 The "ORANGE" color, which was very popular when it opened last year, will be released this time with the CR-6, which is popular among briefings.Covers and cart totes are also available.Samples are available at the store, so if you are interested, please come visit us.

■ Tabio Golf socks are now available
 [Place] Tabio on the XNUMXnd floor of Umikan
 We carry golf socks developed for golfers.In order to fit the foot better, we have developed Tabio's original three-dimensional manufacturing technology to support the movement of the foot, which is important for golf.

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