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Himuka Kirameki Market North Exhibition Hall

Kakigori specialty store "XNUMXth generation Tokujiro" is open for a limited time!

[Period] 2021/7/22 (Thursday) -2021/8/22 (Sunday)

[Time] 10: 00-20: 00

Tokujiro 5th is one of the only 1 ice houses in Japan.
This year's ice was blessed with good weather and the best ice was made.
Enjoy the shaved ice made from the cold winter of Nikko and the pure water!

◆ Nikko natural ice shaved ice Tochiotome 1 cup 901 yen (tax included)
◆ Nikko Natural Ice Shaved Ice Blueberry 1 cup 901 yen (tax included)

Etc., we have about 10 types.

* Regular holidays: Wednesday, July 7, Tuesday, August 28, Tuesday, August 8, Thursday, August 3

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