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Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan XNUMXrd floor

Basque cheese cake specialty store "SOUL CAKE SHOP" is open for a limited time!

[Period] 2021/7/21 (Wednesday) -2021/7/27 (Tuesday)

[Time] 10: 00-20: 00

As a pioneer of Basque cheese cake specialty stores in Kyushu, we make it by hand by our original manufacturing method "aged freezing" so that it will be the most delicious after thawing.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the cheesecake from the specialty store.

◆ Aged frozen Basque cheese cake
"Gorotto Torotto" A rich taste from the first bite.
The most popular cheesecake since its inception.

◆ Aged frozen premium cheesecake
"Moist and smooth" Rich taste.
Cheesecake for the most popular cheesecake lovers.

◆ Aged frozen New York cheesecake
"Moist and refreshing" with lemon flavor and acidity.
A royal cheesecake with homemade granola on the bottom.

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