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Amu Plaza MiyazakiEnjoy at a great deal!


JQ CARDWhat is it?

JR Cupo accumulates at a great value according to various lifestyles,
Can be used in all scenes such as shopping and transportation
It is a credit card of JR Kyushu Group.

By using a cardNo annual fee Free for one year after enrollment.
Use at least once a year and get free the following year.
Benefits of JQ CARD!

Enjoy Amu Plaza Miyazaki at a great value
Introducing the benefits of the JR Kyushu Group credit card "JQ CARD"!

Shopping benefits at Amu Plaza Miyazaki

5% OFF
  • 1 month after card issuance
  • Every Sunday

* 5% OFF at the time of billing.In addition, some stores are not eligible.

[Not applicable stores]
  • Sega,
  • Wonder Attic Cinema,
  • JQ CARD Epos Counter,
  • JQ CARD ion counter,
  • JQ CARD Saison Counter
  • Matsu,
  • Softbank / Ymobile,
  • Miyazaki station square ophthalmology,
  • East Semi-University Examination Special Center,
  • Hot yoga studio LAVA,
  • Shonan Beauty Clinic Miyazaki-in
Himuka Kirameki Market
  • Family Mart,
  • McDonald's,
  • Insurance clinic,
  • Miyazaki Station Chance Center

Amu Plaza Miyazaki Parking LotGreat value for use!

Amu Plaza Miyazaki Parking LotUse

30 minutes free ""

* Please put JQ CARD in the payment machine at the time of payment.

Save even more by using and presenting!

At Wonder Attic CinemaFrom the general cinema viewing fee

200 yen discount

(10th and 20th of every month)

* Cannot be combined with other discounts.

At the time of payment or ordering at the target store
Presenting and using JQ CARD There are special benefits!

If you use it, you can collect JR Cupo!

Earn points (JR Cupo) that can be exchanged for Amu Plaza Miyazaki Shopping Tickets!

200 yen (tax included) is 1 JR Cupo point

Not only for shopping at Amu Plaza, but also for purchasing JR tickets, auto-charging to SUGOCA, and regular payments at supermarkets and convenience stores, 200 point of JR Cupo is available for every 1 yen (tax included) paid by JQ CARD. I will collect!

The accumulated JR Cupo can be exchanged and used!

  • Exchange for Amu Plaza Miyazaki "Shopping Ticket 500 Yen" at 500 JR Cupo Points
  • Exchange for "SUGOCA Electronic Money 100 Yen Charge" with 100 JR Cupo Points

* The accumulated points can be exchanged for shopping tickets, SUGOCA electronic money, travel tickets, etc.

* "Summary registration" is required to add up the points.

Point exchange service
The points accumulated in JQ CARD can be exchanged for Amu Plaza Miyazaki Shopping Tickets.
For example, JR Cupo 500 points → Amu Plaza Miyazaki shopping ticket for 500 yen
You can also check the points you have accumulated, so please make use of them.

Save money on online reservations!

  • Online discount tickets for "e-ticket" members only!
  • If you are going to the Kansai area, you can use the JQ CARD limited discount ticket by booking an internet train.
  • In addition, JR Cupo * will be collected.

* Complete train use in Kyushu: 100 point for every 1 yen (tax included).

* Sanyo / Tokaido Shinkansen, JR West Limited Express train use: 200 point for every 1 yen (tax included).

No sign required for shopping and meals under 30,000 yen (tax included)!

For less than 30,000 yenNo sign required!

* Limited to one-time payment the following month.

* Some stores and products are not eligible.

JQ CARD OfFeatures

  • You can enjoy great benefits by shopping at Amu Plaza in various parts of Kyushu.
  • You can purchase discount tickets exclusively for JQ CARD members by making online train reservations.
  • You can auto-charge the IC card "SUGOCA" and save JR Cupo at a great value.
  • You can choose from a diverse lineup that meets various needs.


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