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Yamakan 1F Matsuno

Matsu Amu Plaza Miyazaki Store Side dish section

Job category Side dish section
Employment status Short time part
Time 8: 00 ~ 13: 00
Salary Hourly salary 810 yen
Days Off Shift system
Other <Job description>
・ Cooking / cutting work in general
・ Packing and sticking stickers on products
・ Food display, expiration date check
・ POP creation
・ Selling price setting, inventory management, temperature control, etc.
・ There are also operations such as ordering food and equipment.
* Uniform rental available
* Even if you have no experience, the person in charge will carefully guide and explain.

<Qualification for application>
・ Housewives (husbands), students, part-time workers
・ W work people are welcome

<Transportation expenses>
・ Actual expenses are paid (with upper limit) ・ ・ Up to 12,900 yen
* However, there is no parking lot (transportation expenses are provided according to company regulations)

<Enrollment insurance>
·Employment insurance
・ Industrial accident

<Available childcare facilities>
・ There is a company-led nursery school tie-up
 ☆ Himuka Kids Nursery School
 ☆ Miyazaki Apple Nursery School

<Work location>
 Matsu no Amu Plaza Miyazaki store
 XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX Hiroshima, Miyazaki City
 Amu Plaza Miyazaki Yamakan XNUMXst floor

* Please feel free to call us first.
Phone 0985-41-8100
Person in charge Manager Matsuno
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