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Himuka Kirameki Market [Open on Saturday, November 11] Ryukyu Head Spa

《Opening staff》 Dry head spa

Job category therapist
Employment status Full-time employee / part-time job part
Time 8:5 to XNUMX:XNUMX * Shift system Full-time employees XNUMX hours Part XNUMX hours
Salary Monthly wage 18 yen Hourly wage 1000 yen
Days Off Weekly holidays 2 days 
More Unqualified OK Inexperienced welcome!
The dry head spa is effective for insomnia and stress, which are common in modern people, and makes you addicted to the refreshing feeling after treatment.We aim to be a store that provides high-quality hospitality and technology, provides not only mental and physical health but also youthfulness and beauty of appearance, and is impressed with services that exceed customer expectations.If you want to learn and improve your skills, knowledge, and customer service in the dry head spa industry, where demand will increase in the future, let's work together.We have prepared a training system that is different from other stores so that even inexperienced people can confidently enter the technology and feel rewarded by entering the technology.Even if you are inexperienced, you can rest assured that the head spa instructor will train you !! We will follow you closely, so you can work with peace of mind!
Phone 097-529-6179
Person in charge Sakagami
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