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Umikan 2F Jewelry Studio PLUSTER

Recruitment of sales staff ★ Jewelry studio plaster <part-time job>

Job category Salesperson
Employment status part-time job
Time Consultation is available for working hours from 9:30 to 20:30 (including 6 hour break)!
Salary 900 yen ~ 1,000 yen
Days Off Two days a week (shift system after confirming desired holidays)
More \ Inexperienced jewelry sales staff /
XNUMX consecutive holidays and Japanese holidays are also possible ︕

Rakuten market, yahoo shopping, etc.
A large jewelry shop even in an online shop
<Jewelry Studio Plaster>

◎ Work contents
Mainly customer service and jewelry sales, we will take care of cash register, PC input (office work), etc.
Jewelery is a happy thing.
The happy feelings of our customers will be realized, such as the celebration of the daughter's birth, the celebration of the silver marriage, the memorial day of the couple, and the one-time marriage.
I am very happy when our proposal fits our customers perfectly!

<Perfect for such a person>
・ People who like talking to people and making people happy
・ People who like jewelry / fashion
Even if you are inexperienced, there is an environment where seniors can teach you properly, so please rest assured (^^) /
Phone 0985-69-2300
Person in charge Kanamaru
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