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[BRIEFING sales staff] 22 years since establishment, surplus / overtime monthly average of 5 hours or less / 120 days of annual holidays!

Job category BRIEFING sales staff
Employment status Permanent
Time Shift system (8 hours of actual work / 1 hours of break)
Salary Monthly salary 21-7000 yen + bonus twice a year
Days Off Over 120 days of annual holidays! * Breakdown: 110 days (holiday) + 10 days (5 days off in half a year) 2 days a week (9 to 10 days off a month. Consultation is also possible on Saturdays and Sundays) Paid leave (10 days a year. Granted from the first year of joining the company)
More 【Job Description】
Sale of own brand "BRIEFING".
After carefully listening to your lifestyle and usage scene,
We will judge which product is suitable and propose the most suitable one.
We value the purchase after the customer is satisfied.

【Qualification requirements】
Those who have some sales experience (regardless of product / years of experience)
No educational background, welcome to second graduates
Phone 080-4153-7848
Person in charge Union Gate Group Co., Ltd. Personnel Officer
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