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Umikan 3F Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands Miyazaki store

Job category Business such as customer service, cash register, product delivery, sales floor arrangement, etc.
Employment status Part-time job
Time Shift system between 9:00 and 22:00
Salary Part-time job (hourly wage 850 yen ~ * hourly wage on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays + 50 yen)
Days Off Shift system
More Qualifications: Freeters, students, housewives (husbands) welcome
    * High school students are not allowed
Treatment: Bonus available (local employees only)
    With salary increase
    There is a busy season allowance
    Transportation expenses (with regulations)
    Fully equipped with social security
    Uniform loan
    Employee discount system
    Qualification system
Work location: Tokyu Hands Miyazaki store 
    2-2-22 Oimatsu, Miyazaki City
    Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan 3rd floor

Inexperienced sales OK!Rest assured that there is customer service training!
When working at Tokyu Hands, when shopping
You can buy it at 20% off!

Those who can commute on Monday evenings and weekends and holidays are welcome!
Those who have no sales experience are also welcome!
Various sales experience people are welcome!
Phone 0985-34-9911
Person in charge (I.e.
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