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Amu Plaza Miyazaki Hall Information

For fun shopping

  • Shooting is prohibited in the entire building. (Excluding the roof)

  • Smoking is prohibited in the building.

    Please use the smoking area.

    (Umikan 4F, Yamakan 3F, Himuka Kirameki Market North Side)

  • Dangerous goods are not allowed in the hall.

  • AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

    Umikan: 1F Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Center, 4F

    Yamakan: 1F Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Center, 3F

    Himuka Glitter Market In front of ATM

  • A security camera is installed in the hall.

Services in Amu Plaza Miyazaki

For customers with disabilities
  • Minna no Toilet / (Umikan 2F-4F, Yamakan 2F-6F)
  • Ostomate / (Umikan 2F-4F, Yamakan 2F-6F)
  • Wheelchair rental (free)
  • Hojo dog / Please bring your registration card to enter
Multipurpose Toilet
For customers with babies
Nursing room
Nursing room
Nursing room
Umikan 2F
Yamakan 2F / 6F

Rest assured that there is a private room!There is also a faucet with hot water right next to it to keep your baby bottle clean.

Stroller rental
Nursing room
Nursing room
Umikan 1F Information

Strollers can be rented free of charge.Please relax and enjoy your shopping and dining.

For customers with pets
  • Please enter in a gauge that does not expose your pet.
  • Please refrain from bringing pets to the eating and drinking floor, inside the restaurant, and to the eating and drinking event venue.
Other services in the hall
Free Wi-Fi service
At Amu Plaza Miyazaki, you can use the public wireless LAN connection service with Wi-Fi compatible devices.

AMU PLAZA MIYAZAKI has introduced its own public wireless LAN service "AMUPLAZA MIYAZAKI" in the entire building, and you can easily use high-speed Internet from smartphones and tablet terminals.

Available time

AM7:00 ~ PM23:00

One connection can be used for up to 1 hour. You can connect up to 1 times a day.

How to use

1. Select the SSID "AMUPLAZA MIYAZAKI" on your device.

2. Follow the instructions displayed on your device or start your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.).

3. If you agree to the terms of use, you will be connected to the Internet.

* It may be difficult to connect due to congestion, or it may be difficult for radio waves to enter.

Target area

Umikan / Yamakan / Himuka Glitter Market

Coin locker
Himuka Kirameki Market

・ Near the south entrance
・ Near the west exit
・ West passage

Smoking area
Umikan 4F
Yamakan 3F
Himuka Glitter Market North Side
Gift certificate sales
Umikan 1F Information

[Sales time] 10: 00-16: 00
[Products handled] JCB gift card (1000 yen ticket / 5000 yen ticket)
[Payment method] Cash only

* Please note that we do not have a gift bag or message gift case.

* Please note that the purchase of JCB gift cards is not eligible for the parking lot discount service.

Point exchange
Umikan 1F Information

[Exchange time] 10:00 to 20:00
[Exchange details] As follows

Point exchange
Types of points Shipping Required points

JR CupoKey Points

Amu Plaza Miyazaki Shopping Ticket for 500 Yen

500 points

JCB gift card for 1000 yen

1250 points

OkiDokiKey Points

Amu Plaza Miyazaki Shopping Ticket for 1000 Yen

250 points

JCB gift card for 1000 yen

300 points

・ Please be sure to hand the voucher (receipt) to the information staff and exchange it for the target product.

・ The target card and the customer's date of birth are required for exchange.

・ The voucher is valid only on the day of issue.

・ Vouchers cannot be reissued.

・ The issued voucher cannot be canceled.


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