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Umikan 4F

ANZU CAFE plus CAKE shop

Cafe dining & cake shop

[TEL] 0985-64-8388

[Business Hours] 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 (LO 21:00)

"ANZU CAFE" is based on the concept of "joy" and "impression", and we want to make each and every customer who visits our store smile.
From everyday use to important anniversaries, each scene will be beautifully produced.
For the lunch menu, we have prepared pasta using the chef's original homemade sauce, curry stewed only with dozens of spices, vegetables and fruits, and other special flavors that can only be tasted here.
At cafe time, enjoy watching + eating and enjoying parfaits and cakes made with seasonal fruits!I would like you to enjoy it with all five senses.
We will also make the dinner menu so that you can enjoy each item one by one.
We also have a lineup of drinks unique to ANZU CAFE.


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