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Beard Papa's

Cream puff shop

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[Business Hours] 10: 00 ~ 20: 00

Beard Papa has independently developed a "kneaded type" that is easy to eat while taking advantage of its crispy texture.
Furthermore, by baking with careful attention to temperature and humidity, we have completed a choux pastry that has a crispy surface and a chewy texture that is unique in the world.
In addition, custard cream is made from carefully selected domestic eggs and milk.Indispensable here is the manual process of adding plenty of air to the eggs.
When the cream is cooked, the air wraps around the egg, creating a custard cream that melts and melts.
The black crushed "vanilla beans" contained in the custard cream are the finest natural products from Madagascar, also known as "black diamonds".
Remove only the beans from the pods and add them abundantly in the custard cream.
Nowadays, it is out of stock and the price is soaring, but there is no change in the commitment to use only Madagascar products.
The dough delivered on that day is baked on that day and the final finish is done after purchase.This is also our great commitment.
An original fresh cream custard that is a mixture of fresh cream made just before purchase and custard cream.
After ordering this, put it in each choux pastry, and finally sprinkle pure white powder sugar on it to complete.
Crispy baked pie shoe dough and freshly made moist cream with low sweetness.
We continue to do it every day to ensure that we deliver in the best possible condition.

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