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Miyazaki Station Chance Center


[TEL] 0985-26-3452

[Business Hours] 10: 00 ~ 18: 30

It is a lucky lottery counter next to the ATM corner of Miyazaki Station.
It moved with the renewal of the station yard.
It is a popular sales floor not only for locals but also for customers from inside and outside the prefecture who use Miyazaki Station.
Please get good luck at our sales floor.

Miyazaki Station Chance Center High-priced Winning Information
● 755 times nationwide Summer Jumbo Mini 1st prize around 7000 million yen
● 788 times nationwide Dream Jumbo Mini 3rd prize 100 million yen
● West Japan 2305 times Goddess of luck lottery 2nd prize 100 million yen
● Lotto 6 1392 times 2nd prize 703 million yen
● 766 times Halloween Jumbo Mini 2nd prize 100 million yen
● 744 times Dream Jumbo Mini 4th grade 100 million yen
● Numbers 4 4996 times straight 102 million yen

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