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For those who want to spend the day more actively ☆ Precision One ☆

Hello ☆
Central Contact Amu Plaza Miyazaki store!

This time, we would like to introduce you to recommended contact lenses.
Archon's "Precision One"
A new generation one-day lens that keeps you moist all day long ☆

The features of "Precision One" are the following five.
○ Comfort that lasts for a long time
 The water content of the lens surface is 80% or more.You can stay moisturized for a long time and stay comfortable.
○ Clear appearance
 It keeps the moisture on the lens surface and keeps a clear field of view.
○ Ease of handling
 The central part of the lens has an appropriate hardness and firmly retains its shape.A lens that is easy to put on and take off.
○ High oxygen permeability
 Silicone hydrogel material delivers plenty of oxygen to the eyes.
○ UV cut function
 UVA99%, UVB96% or more cut protects the eyes from UV rays.

If you are wearing contact lenses and are worried about the dryness of your eyes, or if you think that the price is cheap but the quality is also good, why not try Precision One?
We are waiting for everyone's visit.

* Ophthalmology examination fee is required separately

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