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Cinnabon Seattle's Best Coffee


[TEL] 0985-78-2080

[Business Hours] 10: 00 ~ 20: 00

Cinnabon, a cinnamon roll specialty store, was born in Seattle, USA in 1985 and has approximately 56 stores in 1,400 countries around the world.
The special cinnamon roll is made with a secret recipe using "Makara cinnamon" specially cultivated and refined only for cinnabon, and is loved all over the world as a fascinating cinnamon roll that you will never forget once you eat it. I am.
In Japan, in November 2012, we opened a bakery cafe in Roppongi where you can enjoy freshly baked cinnabon and Seattle's Best Coffee.
After that, in November 2015, we opened the Cinnabon Express in Atre Kichijoji, where you can enjoy cinnamon rolls and various drinks.
In August 2019, the first store in Kyushu opened at AMU PLAZA Hakata, followed by the opening of the second store in AMU PLAZA Oita in Kyushu in September 8.
And this time in October 2020, the third store in Kyushu will open at Amu Plaza Miyazaki.
Please enjoy the very popular cinnamon rolls.


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