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Total care with fresh aloe

The peak of ultraviolet rays actually started in May, and the days of glaring ultraviolet rays have already continued in Miyazaki. (From other prefectures, the sunlight in Miyazaki is quite tight ...)
Did you know that UV rays are a factor that causes aging and various skin problems on the skin and hair?
Aloe, which is said to be a panacea for beautiful skin, is recommended as aftercare after sunburn!

↓ Aloe has many skin-beautifying effects ↓
* Leads to moisturized and elastic skin
* Gives skin a sense of transparency
* Prevention of age spots and freckles
* Anti-inflammatory effect
* Healing effect that improves wound healing

Afranchir is developing the Aloe Vera XNUMX% series of "Nature Republic" from South Korea.
Nature Republic is a very popular Korean cosmetics brand that is highly evaluated not only in Korea but also in Japan due to its high quality of items and high cost performance.
The aloe vera series uses XNUMX% of California aloe vera, so it's almost aloe!
Enjoy this summer's Aloe series, which prevents dry skin, inflammation of the skin after sunburn, and prevents spots.

"Aloe Vera 250% Soothing Gel (Tube Type) 1,100ml ¥ XNUMX"
The contents of the tube type and the jar type are the same, but the capacities are different.
The tube type is convenient because it is easy to carry and use ♩

"Aloe Vera 300% Soothing Gel (Jar Type) 1,100ml ¥ XNUMX"
I want to use plenty of jar type!It is recommended for anyone who wants.
First one at home !!

"Aloe Vera 150% Soothing Gel Mist (Bottle Type) 880ml ¥ XNUMX"
Instantly recharges hair, face, body and inflamed areas that have been tanned !!
You can keep the moisture even more by applying gel after the mist.

"Aloe Vera 1% Soothing Gel Mask Sheet 275 ¥ XNUMX"
If you cool it in the refrigerator, you can tighten the pores with a cool effect ♩
It soothes the tingling of the nose and cheeks, which are prone to sunburn even in the face.

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