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Himuka Kirameki Market

Heike no Sato


[TEL] 0985-28-0705

[営業時間] 11:00~21:00 (L.O. 20:30) 休憩時間15:00~17:00

Founded in 1983 in Miyazaki, it is a specialty store of "100% domestic beef charcoal-grilled hamburger steak and Miyazaki beef steak".
The uniquely formulated hamburger steak made from 100% domestic beef has been a favorite product for many years since its establishment.The surface of the meat is crispy baked using the charcoal grilling technique using far infrared rays, and the taste and juiciness of the meat are trapped inside.The final cooking is done according to the customer's preference, and the scented sauce is applied.Please enjoy it deliciously by adding it to special sauces such as "Hebesuponzu" and "Hyuganatsu Spicy Sauce" that use Miyazaki's special product Hebesu as a raw material.You can refill the rice from Miyazaki prefecture as many times as you like.You can eat as many cups of rice as you like with Aotogarashi Miso from Miyazaki Prefecture.Please enjoy the traditional taste that continues to be loved in Miyazaki to your heart's content.


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