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Himuka Kirameki Market

Miyazaki Yakitori Megumiya Plus Pizza (Wakudoki Hiroba)

Yakitori / Pizza

[TEL] 0985-72-4545

[Business Hours] 11: 00 ~ 24: 00 (LO23: 00) (Open until 23:30 on Sundays only)

"Miyazaki Yakitori Keiya Plus Pizza" from the Keiya Group, which has 22 stores in Miyazaki and Kagoshima.
"Blessing of the sun," "blessing of nature," "blessing of humanity." "Everyday is a feast"
The basic concept of the yakitori izakaya "Keiya" has been retained, but a pizza with a crisp, chewy dough baked in a stone oven has been added.
The standard yakitori menu starts at 1 yen each.
We offer a wide variety of izakaya menus featuring Miyazaki's local cuisine (chicken nanban, charcoal-grilled chicken, etc.).
We have a wide variety of authentic kiln-baked pizzas planned and developed by Keiya, as well as single dishes, and a menu that can be enjoyed by a wide range of generations, from children to the elderly.
Keiya Plus Pizza is a family izakaya that even families can enjoy with peace of mind.


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