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Himuka Kirameki Market

Miyazaki Shochu Bar Nomoya (Wakudoki Hiroba)

Shochu bar

[TEL] 0985-72-4848

[Business Hours] 11: 00 ~ 24: 00 (LO23: 00) (Open until 23:30 on Sundays only)

There are many sake breweries in Miyazaki prefecture, and the collection of various brands is "Miyazaki Shochu Bar Nomoya".
Miyazaki's proud shochu made from various main ingredients such as potatoes, wheat, rice, and soba.
At "Miyazaki Shochu Bar Nomoya", we have more than 100 brands of shochu from breweries all over Miyazaki prefecture.
"Mist" which means "Let's drink" in Miyazaki dialect
In a calm and mature atmosphere, enjoy a drink with friends, a drink to heal your tiredness on your way home from work, a delicious drink you found while traveling, and a drink recommended by the bartender.
We offer a wide variety of cocktails such as shochu-based cocktails.
The appeal of "Momoya" is that you can order carefully selected menus from group stores (Megiya, Teppanyaki Rakui, Flame Dance Rakui, Ken & Michi, Balmaru).


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