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Umikan 2F

Jewelry Studio PLUSTER

Jewelry bridal jewelry

[TEL] 0985-82-6700

[Business Hours] 10: 00 ~ 20: 00

Headquartered in Aoyama, Tokyo, "Jewelry Studio Plaster" is very popular at online shops such as Rakuten Ichiba and Amazon.
"Adding brilliance to your heart ..." We will deliver jewelry that will make your life shine beautifully and cutely.

A bridal ring that promises lifelong love, anniversary jewelry that celebrates the 10th anniversary of marriage, and a genuine pearl necklace that you want to give to your daughter.
Or even daily accessories that you want to wear to improve yourself a little bit every day.
In order to fulfill the pure wishes of our customers' jewelry, we will deliver high quality jewelry to Reese Bull with cost performance that can only be realized by plaster.
With the wish that plaster jewelery "adds brilliance to your heart" to you and your loved ones ...

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