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⭐ November birthstone necklace

It is a jewelry studio plaster ♪♪
November birthstone  Topaz

The stone words are [fraternity] and [honesty]!
It is a symbol of friendship and companionship.
Communication is going well and my true
It makes you aware of your feelings! !!

Plump and gentleTeardrop typeAs a happy motif
Bringing happiness by wearing it gives you a sense of security in your daily life ...

Gently hidden behind the birthstone"Secret Heart ♡"
To gently hide the heartbeat in response to the heartbeat
Motif ...

Please take a look at the store.


Now, at the Amu Plaza 1st Anniversary Festival,

For customers who purchase 10,000 or more
Accessory case gift!

Buy 2 or more10% OFF, With purchase of 3 or more15% OFFThe
Please come visit us!



* Immediately after climbing the escalator in front of the information ★

We look forward to your visit (^^) /

We are thoroughly implementing preventive measures against new coronavirus infection.
■ 1. Install an alcohol disinfectant solution that can be used by customers in the store ■ 2. Always thoroughly disinfect the ring and customer service space to try on ■ 3. Customer service staff thoroughly measure the temperature every morning, wear a mask, and disinfect hands

★ Add brilliance to your heart ★
Jewelry studio plaster
Amu Plaza Miyazaki store
2-2-22 Oimatsu, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan 2rd floor
TEL 0985-82-6700

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