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Umikan 4F

Pomme-no-ki Omurice

Western food

[TEL] 0985-89-5540

[営業時間] 11:00~21:00 (L.O. 20:30) 休憩時間15:00~17:00

The creative omelet rice specialty store "Pom no Ki" opens for the first time in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Fluffy omelet rice is born from various commitments.
Only fresh and rich eggs are used as the eggs that hold the key to omelet rice.
Three types of rice are available: butter rice, ketchup rice, and Japanese-style rice that match the unique sauce.
In addition to the standard tomatoes and creams, there are many types of sauces.Only original sauces that have been improved in search of even more deliciousness.
And only chefs who have passed our qualification test "Omurice Meister Test" can wind omelet rice at the shop.
The fluffy taste is preserved by setting strict standards such as how to mix the eggs, how to cook them, and how they are half-cooked.


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