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For a limited time!Pelvic loosening ♪

Hello (* ^^ *)

Umikan 3rd floor relaxation space Raffine!

From JuneLimited time offer!Pelvic loosening] Has started!

・ It's hard to get rid of fatigue
・ I'm worried about tiredness and swelling of my shoulders and lower back.
・ The cold causes my body to shrink, my back to curl up, and my posture to collapse.

This course is recommended for those who are tired!

By relaxing the muscles around the pelvis, you can expect a relaxing effect and an increase in metabolism, and it is also recommended as a measure against cold!

[Period] December 2021, 12 to February 1, 2022

[Price] Single item 10 minutes 1320 yen Extension 5 minutes 660 yen
* Payment with a variable card is possible

【Taboo】Frequently Asked Questions | Raffine Group
In addition to the above "When can I not receive the service?"
・ Those who have or have arthritis in the hip and knee joints
・ Persons with or had spinal disorders (lumbar spinal disc hernia, degenerative spondylosis, intervertebral foramen stenosis, etc.)
・ Those who have just given birth (more than a month has passed)

Let's refresh your daily fatigue!

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We look forward to your reservations and visits today (* ^^ *)

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