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[Limited quantity] Valuable card

This time,"ChristmasSuper ValuablecardIt is a guide.

Regular valueable cards are valid for 92 days, but cards can only be used at the issuing store.

 What a "Christmas Super Valuable Card"全国You can use it at! !!

(There are stores that are not eligible, please see the details below for details)

 "Christmas Super Valuable Card" has XNUMX designs ☆
It can be used by family and friends, and can also be used as a gift.
It will be on sale for a limited time, so please let us know as soon as possible.

【Sales period】
November 11th (Thursday) -December 25th (Saturday) * Ends as soon as it runs out

【Selling price】
Body price 18,000 yen (19,800 yen including tax)

[Stores targeted for use]
Raffine, Petit Raffine, Raffine Plus, Gran Raffine, Stretch Raffine, Kotsubania, Natural Body, Badambaru, Total Therapy, REFLE, Foot Design

[Unavailable stores]
Raffine + Q (Plask) Style Gotanda Tokyu Square 2nd Floor Store * 1
Grand Raffine Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro * 2
REFLE Funabashi Tobu store * 2
REFLE Kyoto Isetan store * 2
* 1 Not applicable for both use and sale.
* 2 Sold as a Christmas Super Valuable Card that can only be used at the issuing store.

Tips and notes
The validity period is 3 months (92 days later) from the issue date.
Those that have passed the expiration date cannot be used regardless of the reason.
Please note that refunds are not available.
Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out.
It is possible to visit the store only by purchasing products, but you may have to wait depending on the congestion of the store.Please note.

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