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Himuka Kirameki Market

Repair land

Master key / shoe repair

[TEL] 0985-22-9292

[Business Hours] 10: 00-20: 00

There are always beautiful shoes near people who are doing their best.

Do you think shoes are a consumable item?
Good shoes are made to be easy to wear for more than XNUMX years, as long as they are well maintained.For shoe maintenance, please visit our shop.

Fashionable from your feet.
As there is such a word, shoes are also a "ruler" to measure the person.
Not only that.If you neglect to maintain your shoes, the shape will gradually change without you noticing it.
When I went to the hospital saying, "I'm having trouble with my knees and heels," the doctor told me that "shoes are one cause."
I often hear stories like this.

A number of menus that started with the desire to support you from your feet.
While enjoying fashion, we also support your health.
Please feel free to contact us.

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