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Umikan 4F

Steak&Yakiniku Saito-Bakujyo

Grilled meat

[TEL] 0985-77-8870

[営業時間] 11:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:40) 休憩時間15:00~17:00

In 26, Saito Farm Co., Ltd. branded its own fertilized beef "Saito beef" in order to promise customers peace of mind, safety, and "deliciousness" unique to the company, and wanted to deliver the delicious beef directly. We will open a store at Amu Plaza with the hope that more people will eat the restaurant directly managed by the ranch that opened in Saito.
Not to mention the grilled meat of "Saito beef", the steak set of Saito beef, which is a great deal on the lunch menu, the hamburger and beef cutlet set using 100% Saito beef without grinding, and the Menchi-katsu curry that won the grand prix at the Miyazaki Gourmet Festival You can enjoy a rich menu such as "jet black".
The inside of the restaurant is clean and modern, and you can enjoy yakiniku without worrying about the smell by using a smokeless roaster.
We also sell handmade Saito beef menchi-katsu and croquettes, which are recommended as souvenirs from Miyazaki.
A steak and yakiniku restaurant directly managed by Saito Farm, which grows in a particular breeding environment.
Please enjoy "Saito beef" which is full of umami.
All the staff are looking forward to your visit.


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