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Yamakan 3F

Suit select

Men's and ladies'

[TEL] 0985-41-7421

[Business Hours] 10: 00 ~ 20: 00

With the theme of "choose, wear, and enjoy", Suit Select has designed a new way to buy suits, which proves that "choosing rationally" and "choosing happily" are not inconsistent at all. It is a shop supervised by Mr. Shiwa.
With the theme of real suits, we have realized advanced work clothes with high design, high quality and low price, and we are proposing not only fashion clothes but also new business use work clothes.
Choose your favorite taste from two different lines, a high-contemporary [black line] with the keywords of slim, sharp, and straight, and a high-traditional [silver line] with the keywords of elegant, comfort, and curvilinear. You can choose.

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