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November 11th is Collagen Peptide Day!

Tamachan shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki store.

November 11th is Collagen Peptide Day!

That's why our popular products

Introducing "Konayuki Collagen" (^^)

Many people know that collagen is good for the skin,
If you take it with all your might, you want to take it efficiently.

Konayuki Collagen is a low molecular weight collagen peptide with high absorbency, and cuts color, odor, and taste to the utmost limit with the latest technology.

Cosmetology is very important for health because low molecular weight collagen peptide delivers nutrients to cells and regulates circulation.

In addition, 100% domestic raw materials are uncolored and fragrance-free, and have no sugar or fat.

Since it can be mixed with food and drinks that you usually drink, you can easily ingest high-quality collagen.

There are many people who repeat it because it is easy to incorporate into everyday life without worrying about the smell and taste! !!

There is also one trial, so if you are uneasy, please try this ✨

Also, made from 100% salmon skin from Hokkaido
"Konayuki Marine Collagen" is also available.

For clear skin, this winter ...
Please try Konayuki Collagen ♪


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