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New product ◆ Bean milk is in stock now!

Tamachan shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki store.

Vegetable milk is entering an era of drinking whole nutrition ...

Mame Milk is in stock now!3 types to choose from
"Soy plane" "Soy almond" "Soy oats"

Rich nutrition just by dissolving in water!Yet low sugar!

"High oleic acid soybean" and "Miyazaki Miyadaizu" We use two kinds of luxurious soybeans that are attracting attention with high quality protein and abundant fat.

It's very easy to make.Just dissolve in water.

Per 15g cup * In the case of soy plane
Protein: about 5g
Dietary fiber: 2000 mg
Oleic acid: 1600 mg
Sugar: 5g or less

In addition, it goes well with protein and you just need to divide it with your usual protein and water.The nutrition of bean milk is added (^^)
It has a natural taste and goes well with any protein.

● Plain
A plain taste that enjoys the whole nutrition of soybeans and a mellow taste like soy milk.

● Soy & almond
An almond milk-like type that uses almonds and soybeans for beauty and has a rich taste.

● Soy & Oats
A refreshing taste with an oat milk-like type rich in dietary fiber using oats and soybeans.

Even if you drink it as it is
Even if you add it to granola.

Mame milk can be easily used as an alternative to milk or soy milk.

Whole to the skin.Whole nutrition.
Please try the plant milk life.



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