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Nanatsu's happy tea is in stock now!

Tamachan shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki store!

December is approaching and it looks like it's going to get cold in earnest> _

By the way, today is the newly arrived Tamachan shop
\ Tea for tomorrow's body Kunan Chabo /
Introducing 3 teas! !!


The first is"Clean blend" 5g x 15 bags ¥ 880 including tax

Recommended for those on a diet!Including aged black oolong tea and salasia, 7 kinds of tochu tea, rooibos, mulberry leaf, kumazasa, and pearl barley are blended.


The first is"Healthy blend" 5g x 15 bags ¥ 880 including tax

For those who want to stay healthy every day!Contains 7 types of pearl barley, mulberry leaves, wolfberry leaves, houttuynia cordata, kumazasa, and barley, including high-grade reishi.It is fragrant and delicious enough to be drunk by children and adults alike.


The first is"Meguri Blend" 5g x 15 bags ¥ 880 including tax

For those who want to polish from the inside of the body!Cosmetological herbs such as rose hips and jasmine are mixed with tea leaves that support the tour, such as loquat leaves, persimmon leaves, dokudami, and pearl barley.Rosehip is a treasure trove of vitamins, and vitamin C is said to be about 20 times that of lemons.

how to drink
Put one tea pack in a kyusu or my bottle, pour hot water, and wait for about 1 to 3 minutes before consuming.

Why don't you change the drink you usually drink to tea from Tamachan Shop? ☺️
Please come to Tamacha Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki.


2-2-22 Oimatsu, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan 3rd floor

Tamachan Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki Store


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