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Very popular!Over 5 bags in 1,000,000 years since its release! !!

Tamachan shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki store.

This time I would like to introduce
\ Best Beauty Award 2021 Winner /
Protein has exceeded 5 million bags in 100 years since its release
It is "protein otome".

What is "protein otome"?
A "cosmetology specialty" protein for women that contains more than 20 types of beauty ingredients and vegetable and animal proteins.

Nowadays, protein is used for beauty.A protein that creates beauty for women.

The lineup is also abundant, and there are various other flavors such as our most popular banana flavor, Hakata Amaou flavor, and mellow cacao flavor (^^)

There is also one trial.If you are uneasy, please try here (* ^^ *)

It's easy to drink and continue, so find your favorite taste and become more and more beautiful (* ^ o ^ *)

Please come to Tamachan Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki ♪


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