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A sports drink that supports you running! !!

Tamacha shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki store (^^)

Today is the Qingdao Pacific Marathon!Athletes who have worked hard for this day, please do your best not to get injured (* ^^ *)
I support you so that you can give your best!

A product that is perfect for those who run or exercise there,
Introducing "Shokusasize".


Drink + move!

A food shop that proposes new customsSports Drink.

Needed to move your body,

Amino acids / BCAAs, 12 types of vitamins, zinc, etc.
Contains abundant nutritional ingredients.

In order to make good use of exercise, various nutritional support such as proteins and amino acids, vitamins and minerals are indispensable.

Unlike general sports drinks with a lot of sugar, it does not use sugar, so it is safe for dieters.
You can drink it quickly just by dissolving it in water (^ O ^)

A refreshing grapefruit flavor that is easy to drink!

Not only for those who exercise in earnest, but also for commuting, housework, and shopping!

Hydration before and after Aota is decided by this ♪

Please come to Tamacha Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki ♪


2-2-22 Oimatsu, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan 3rd floor

Tamachan Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki Store


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