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Popular oatmeal is in stock now! !!

 Hello, this is Tama-chan shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki shop.

The much-talked-about "organic oatmeal" has arrived! !!

Oatmeal is a low GI food with less sugar than rice and wheat, and it is rich in dietary fiber, and it is possible to ingest about half of the dietary fiber per day (1g equivalent).

In addition, the amino acid score is 100, which is the same as that of eggs, and it also contains vitamins and minerals in a well-balanced manner.

And Tamachan Shop's oatmeal is additive-free and uses 100% organic oats, so you can enjoy it with confidence! !!

Good for health, beauty and diet! !!You can enjoy it as it is or with arranged dishes!
For example, risotto, okonomiyaki, yogurt, etc. ♪
Why don't you start your oatmeal life! (^^)!

We also have an arrangement recipe using oatmeal, so please come to the Tamachan Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki.


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Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan 3rd floor

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