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◇ Broad bean ◇ New flavors have arrived! !!

Hello everyone.
Tamacha shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki store.

From Sora Mamecchi, a new healthy snack born from plants
Two kinds of new taste friends have arrived! !!


▶ Broad bean Miso Himiko Miso 80g ¥ 480 Tax included

We used additive-free raw miso from "Yoshiya Koshoin", which is famous for making the ultimate miso.The compatibility of miso and broad beans is definitely delicious.


▶ Broad bean ginger 80g ¥ 480 Tax included

"Mirai no Ginger" from Tamachan Shop is a luxurious ginger sora bean that you can enjoy the nutrition and flavor of ginger, including gingerol and shogaol that support warmth, using the brand golden ginger from Kyushu.

There are also "high tide salt" and "cheese & garlic" flavors ♪

The texture is crispy and crispy.
Although it has a light texture, it is rich in nutrition.

If you want to eat
Snacks and snacks are also good for health and beauty ... ♡

Please come to Tamachan Shop Amu Plaza Miyazaki.


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Amu Plaza Miyazaki Umikan 3rd floor

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