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Himuka Kirameki Market

Sankaku-chaya Toyokichi Udon


[TEL] 0985-22-3377

[Business Hours] 7: 00 ~ 21: 00 (LO 20:30)

The udon noodles made by the first owner, who loves udon noodles, have been well received by the local Miyazaki people, saying that they are "cheap, good, and delicious."
Every day, in the dark in the morning, the dashi stock is made by slowly boiling dried kelp and dried bonito in a large iron kettle.
Taking advantage of the natural umami of high-quality ingredients, the rich yet refreshing flavor of the dashi stock is a homemade noodle that has been devised to match the dashi stock.
Please enjoy the taste of Toyokichi's special udon noodles, which has been passed down to the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd generations.
Currently, XNUMX directly managed stores in the city are offering the taste since the first generation.

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